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Our First Wine Just Launched!

Introducing: Drink With Sunday Sauce™

Raising a Glass to Italian American Pride

Wine. Food. Family. Tradition. These four things are the foundation of Italian American culture. From pride in our heritage, to a passion for wine, and a love of Italy, the Intravartolo brand is focused on:

The Cellar: Our Online Education Center

Learn everything about Italy, Italian-Style Wines, Wine Pairings for Italian Food, and Italian American culture, history and heritage. Enjoy!
Wine 101: Learn About Italian-Style Wines

Whether you're new to wine or you're a seasoned somm, join us for general wine topics, a deep dive into Italian wine varietals, and how American winemakers are doing Italy proud.

Wine Pairings for Italian Food

Check out our guide to wine pairings for Italian and Italian American food. From pasta to pizza to meats and sauces, explore the art of matching wines to elevate every family meal.

Italian American Culture & History

The Intravartolo brand is all about Italian American pride. Explore our funny and educational content about Italian American culture, history, heritage, food, events, and traditions.

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